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News – Friday, October 31, 2014
Friday, October 31, 2014   
Very light winds prevailed on the last day of the Optimist World Championship 2014 in Argentina and only one of the three planned races could be sailed after some postponements. Nicolas Rolaz SUI, the best allrounder in the fleet, finished on the 10th place, his 8th top-10 result in 9 races, sailed in different wind conditions. His closest opponents, strong in the big-breeze races, remained far behind, and the sensation of the first Swiss Opimist World Champion became reality. Voravong Rachrattanaruk THA advanced on the 2nd position with a 22 points backlog on Rolaz. Dimitri Papadimitriou GRE could at least save the Bronze medal. Aina Colom ESP on rank 4 is the best girl 6 points behind the podium.
The final rankings and the official report. More pictures on the prize giving ceremony and celebrations, as well as a short video iinterview with the Champion on the event facebook page.
Friday, October 31, 2014   (Image © Stefan Coppers/Brunel)
The very light wind zone around the St-Helena anticyclone forced the teams to go far South. The leading trio crossed the 40th parallel during this night, and thanks to the most Eastern position, closest to the finish line, 'DongFeng' with Charles Caudrelier FRA has taken the lead. However, the chasers 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR and 'Team Brunel' with Bouwe Bekking NED at sailing at sight 0,2 and 2,3 miles behind. 19 miles farther back follows 'Vestas Wind' with Chris Nicholson AUS ready to close-up in the final sprint. The backmaker 'Team SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR is still loosing miles and is now 297 miles behind.
The race viewer, the daily report, the onboard reports and the videos.
Friday, October 31, 2014   (Image © Jonathan Tait)
The record chase continued in Luderitz NAM yesterday in a 25-35 kn wind, and over 200 runs were measured. The Swiss-Italian double citizen Patrick Diethelm ITA was the fastest windsurfer with 51,18 kn, registered as new Italian record. Three more national records were beaten.
The report of the day, the video of the week and the event website.
Friday, October 31, 2014   (Image © Elena Giolai)
The final 29er Eurocup 2014 event began on Lake Garda yesterday with three races, and again, the superior Tour leaders Peter Janezic/Anze Podlogar SLO took the lead. Their advance on the second-ranked Richard Schuurmans/Vincent De Nijs NED is already 15 points. Edwards/Blight GBR follow on rank 3.
The ranking list and the event website.
News – Thursday, October 30, 2014
Thursday, October 30, 2014   
Thursday, October 30, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
A heavy thunderstorm in the night on yesterday staunched the Rio de la Plata to an extent that half of the Club territory was flooded. The situation barely got under control, when more thunderstorms were announced during the afternoon, so that racing had to be cancelled for the day. Today is the final day of the Championship and three races have been scheduled. The wind forecast announces rather light winds. Nicolas Rolaz SUI starts as leader to the crucial races. His advantage on the second-ranked Dimitri Papadimitriou GRE is 3 points. Gustavo Abdulklech BRA on rank 3 is already 15 points behind.
The reanking list and the report of the day.
Racing begins at 11.30 h (14.30 h UTC) to be followed live on the Internet.
Thursday, October 30, 2014   (Image © Mapfre)
The leading boats have now reached the latitude of the port of call Cape Town, thanks to a steady, but not too strong wind. Roughly 2'300 miles to the East are left to the finish line. However, the St-Helena High Pressure System has moved slightly South and it may well be, that the teams duck farther South. Not too much, as Race Control has set an Ice Gate at the 42nd parallel to be passed northwards because of Iceberg warnings.
In the past hours, the leading boats have closed up. The trio in front sails practically in sight ! 'Abu Dhabi' (Ian Walker GBR) leads again with only a 2,5 miles' advance on 'Team Brunel' (Bouwe Bekking NED). 'Team Vestas Wind' with Chris Nicholson NZL is only 3,7 miles from the leader. The all-female 'Team SCA' (Samantha Davis GBR) did not benefit from the close-up so far. They are still last with a deficit of 275 miles this morning.
This afternoon, most of the boats will reach a first front from the West and the 'Superhighway of the South' begins. The race viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Thursday, October 30, 2014   
Today begins the seventh and last 29er Eurocup 2014 event on Lake Garda with 82 teams from 14 nations. The overall ranking of the annual tour seems practically decided as Peter Jadlezic/Anze Podolger SLO occupy the first place with quite an advance. Yrieix/Fischer FRA and Van Dongen/Bramervaer NED lead the closely ranked group of persuers.
The event website.
Thursday, October 30, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
The Class 40 are the largest Class starting at the Route de Rhum next Sunday at St-Malo FRA with 43 boats on the starting line. In addition to the routiniers of the Class, some newcomers will join the fleet, among them from Geneva Alan Roura SUI, age 21, one of the youngest participants. Roura SUI finished last year the Mini-Transat as 11th Proto sailor and has changed now to the Class 40, having acquired an old-generation boat. His big objective is the Vendée Globe.
His personal website and the official Route du Rhum website.
Thursday, October 30, 2014   
Matthias Miller GER, a long-time Starboat- and Finn sailor, member of the German National DSV Team, has - together with some friends - founded the Miller & Friends GmbH. The philosophy of Miller & Friends in the design and development of their products comprises the following objectives:
1) make use of state-of-the-art high-tech materials, especially Carbon, proven in sail-racing environments
2) special constructions and solutions based on practical experience in sail-racing
3) high-quality production and finish of products to absorb the excessive loads on water.
Miller & Friends not only concentrate on high-performance modern racers but care with products for classic yachts as well. Tiller extensions, spinaker booms, all kind of special accessories and more for classic yachts are available in different woods, but always with Carbon core, to provide an attractive stiffness-to-weight factor.
Thursday, October 30, 2014   (Image © Denis Tisserand)
20 hours before deadline of the Crowd-Funding-Action, Yvan Bourgnon SUI has reached the objective of 40'000 €uro ! This means, that the adventure ride around the Globe on a six-meter-beach-catamaran will continue. 20 % of the journey are left, from Sri Lanka across the Indian Ocean, passing the Suez Canal, thru the Mediterranean Sea and back to France. As soon as the new catamaran will be ready - probably in January 2015 - Bourgnon will continue his ride around the world.
The collectrion website and the project website.
News – Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Wednesday, October 29, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
The Optimist World Championship Final Series began yesterday in San Isidro ARG with the fleet split in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Quite different the sailing conditions, as after a first week with light to moderate winds, a 25-30 kn breeze filled in and - together with a choppy wave on the only 2 meter deep waters - it was for many sailors not easy to live up to the new challenges. Major changes occurred therefore in the top positions after the two races of the day.
One of the few mastering the the new situation more or less was the allrounder Nicolas Rolaz SUI (picture). With the ranks 6 and 15, he reclaimed the first position overall, 3 points ahead of Dimitris Papadimitriou GRE, who is new on position 2 thanks to the day ranks 2 and 4. Even better was Gustavo Abdulklech BRA (1 and 2) now on rank 3, 15 points behind the leader. The best-ranked girl is now Aina Colom ESP on rank 6, as the former superior leader Mara Turin SLO had major problems in the rough conditions (53/55) and descended on rank 8. The previous 2nd Nick Zeltner SUI had also difficulties and dived even on rank 28. Today and tomorrow, two races daily are on the program. The wind forecasts promise a comeback of the moderate conditions as in the first week of the competition.
The ranking list, the daily report and the videos.
Wednesday, October 29, 2014   
Sailing down South along the South American coast in a moderate 15 kn breeze, the first teams have now crossed the 30° parallel. The St-Helena High Pressure System blocking the direct route to Cape Town has slightly moved eastwards, and the fleet is now about to change course direction the port of call.
'Team Brunel' with Bouwe Bekking NED is still leading 24 miles ahead of Ian Walker GBR with 'Abu Dhabi'. The last-ranked ht 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR is 273 miles back.
The race viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Wednesday, October 29, 2014   (Image © Martina Orsini)
The inaugural Foiler-Moth Eurocup ended on Lake Garda in September. 89 participants, among them top sailors from other classes such as Philippe Presti FRA (ex-Finn World Champion, and Team Oracle), Sébastien Josse FRA (Vendée Globe), Sébastien Col FRA and Eric Monnin SUI (Match Race), Kalle Coster NED (ex-470 World Champion), Andreas John GER (Laser) or Benoît Marie FRA (Mini-Transat-winner) sailed in one or more events.
Overall winner was the triple Olympian Chris Rast SUI/USA. We reported on the 6 events in total. Here the Annual Ranking Lisrt.
A well edited and spectacular video summary (15min) of the season has just been published.
Wednesday, October 29, 2014   
Yvan Bourgnon SUI has only one day left to gather the remaining 3120 EUR of his Crowdfunding campaign, the last 20% missing to continue his Solo-Round-the-World trip on a beach catamaran. Approaching Sri Lanka he crashed on a rock and destroyed his cat. Finances are needed for the repair/reconstruction, and Bourgnon has opened a fund raising page with a video appeal. He offers various compensations for the donations, such as T-Shirts, books, videos and even a course on navigation with a sextant or an invitation to the arrival party. Donate now .... so that the adventure continues !
News – Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Tuesday, October 28, 2014   
Entering the influence zone of the St-Helena anticyclone, widely extended to the West, the seven teams going South direction Roaring Forties have started to search for individual paths to pass the calm patches ahead. Some position changes have therefore occurred as the boats heading more westerly - hoping for more wind - have a longer way to the finish. For the moment, 'Team Brunel' with Bouwe Bekking NED, still making good speed, is courageously sticking to the most Estern route and the race viewer indicates a 58 miles advance on 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR, the most Southern boat this morning.
A report on the event website explains the functioning of the race tracker.
The reports from the teams and the videos.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
The Optimist World Championship 2014 will resume today after the Team Racing Championship (winner Thailand) and the lay day, and six crucial races are ahead in the coming three days for the 208 sailors from 68 (!) nations at San Isidro ARG. The wind forecast for today announces 13-15 kn, somewhat more as in the first halt of the Championship. The fleet has now been split in Gold, Silver and Bronze Groups.
With 4 wins in 6 races of her Group, Mara Turin SLO impressed much up-to-now, but two Swiss, Nick Zeltner SUI/RCO at 8 points and Nicolas Rolaz SUI/CNM at 11 points are still chasing her for the title.
The interim's ranking list and the event-website, presenting the races live late in the afternoon over GPS-Tracking
Tuesday, October 28, 2014   (Image © Alexis Courcoux)
On the coming Sunday, the start to the classic Solo Transactlantic Race from St. Malo FRA to Pointe à Pitre FRA/Caribbeans, the classic 'Route du Rhum', will be given, a Regatta full of highlights.
A special group, the 'Classe Ultime', will incorporate the eight big multihulls: in addition to four MOD-70 trimarans with the single-hand specialists Francis Joyon FRA ('IDEC') and Thomas Coville FRA ('Sodebo'), the largest racing Multis will participate. Yann Guichard FRA will sail the 140-foot maxi trimaran 'Spindrift' (ex-Banque Populaire') for the first time solo in a race. Loïck Peyron FRA will also be very busy racing with the 100-foot 'Banque Populaire' (ex-'Groupama'). The largest fleet with 40 participants are the Class 40. In addition to the routiniers of the Class, there are interesting personalities on the entry list such as the Paralympic Champion Damien Séguin FRA, the Pole Vault Olympic Champion Jean Galfione FRA or the Mini-Transat winner Giancarlo Pedote ITA. In the IMOCA Open 60, the Vendée-Globe winner François Gabart FRA is the most cited favorite. In the Open Class, Robin Knox-Johnson GBR is present with a modified Open 60. The Englishman, age 75, won the first nonstop solo round-the-world regatta 'Golden Globe' 45 years ago.
On the pas weekend, the Race-Village has been opened. Over 1 mio spectators will be attending this most spectacular sail-racing event live and many more will follow it on the Internet and TV. The entry list and the event website with many reports and news on the event.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014   
After the successful inaugural Salon Nautique du Léman last year, the 2nd edition, open from November 7 till 9 in an exhibition hall near the Morges Railway Station will even be more attractive. 90 exhibitors will present products and services on 4600 m2. Up-to-date Newsletters inform currently on details of the show and special events. Get your copy for free registering on the event website below now to participate in a raffle for a power rib. The Salon website.
News – Monday, October 27, 2014
Monday, October 27, 2014   (Image © Charles Anderson)
The Semi Finals of the 2014 Bermuda Gold Cup began with surprises yesterday morning, as both Tour dominators were eliminated. The undefeated Ian Williams GBR lost 1-3 against Eric Monnin SUI, while Taylor Canfield ISV was out with a 2-3 score against Johnie Berntsson SWE. In the Final, the Swedish team, Gold Cup winner 2008 already, had the 3-1 upperhand over Eric Monnin SUI, who had his best Tour results at the Gold Cup up-to-now. 50'000 US$ was the prize money for the winner, but also for the Swiss team, this trip was worthwhile. He not only moved up in the Tour and the latest ISAF World Rankings, but grasped also 20'000 US$ that will certainly cover the expenses this time. Taylor Canfield ISV defeated his archrival Ian Williams GBR in the Petite Final 2-1 reducing his backlog in the Tour rankings on 6 points. The Monsoon-Cup on Malaysia in early December will be crucial for the Tour victory and the World Champion's title.
The results and the final report.
Monday, October 27, 2014   (Image © Dongfeng)
The race down South along the Brazilian Coast goes on with speeds of 15 to 20 kn until the fresh West breeze in the Roaring Forties will be reached, inspite of a detour of at least 800 miles. The positions did not change except between the backmarker duo 'SCA' and 'Mapfre'. 'Abu Dhabi' with Ian Walker GBR leads now with a 12 miles' gap on 'Team Brunel' with Bouwe Bekking NED. 'Vestas Wind' with Chris Nicholson NZL follows 65 miles back. The all-female team 'SCA' with Samantha Davis GBR has lost much ground and is down on the last place again. Their deficit on the leader is now 231 miles.
The race viewer, the daily report and the videos.
Monday, October 27, 2014   (Image © Matias Capizzano)
The Optimist Team Racing Final in Argentina ended with a surprise ! Winner of the all-Asian Final was not the defending Champion and favorite Singapore, but Thailand. Spain won the Bronze Medal. The results and the report.
Today is lay day in San Isidro (near Buneos Aires) and tomorrow, the second half of the individual World Championship will begin with Nick Zeltner SUI/RCO and Nicolas Rolaz SUI/CNM as 2nd and 3rd fighting for the title with the leading Mara Turin SLO. The interims rankings.
Monday, October 27, 2014   (Image © Pilar Serra)
An Indian Summer sun and moderate winds prevailed at the Laser Europacup in Roses ESP over the past weekend. All three fleets sailed 8 races each with the SN Geneva Laser sailors shining. First in the Lasers Standard was Guillaume Girod SUI winning 4 of the 8 heats. Matthias Van de Loock BEL and Martis Pajarskas LTU completed the podium among the 19 participants form 7 nations. Asya Luvisetto SUI was first in the Lasers 4.7 (41 participants/4 nations) ahead of Albert Carcellé ESP and Marcelo Cairo ESP. In the Radials (54 participants/9 nations), Mon Canellas ESP was on top ahead of Hector Dominguez ESP and Ramiro Foguet ESP.
The ranking lists, the videos of the 4 days and the event website.
Monday, October 27, 2014   
Sun and moderate winds prevailed in Marseille FRA over the past weekend for the Olympic 49er and 49erFX skiffs as well as the Olympic RS:X windsurfers sailing the French Championships. In addition, the Raceboard windsurfers and the youth class BIC were present. The outcome in the 49ers with a number of French top teams was very close: Emmanuel Dyen/Stéphane Christidis FRA were first tied with Matthieu Frei/Yann Rocherieux FRA. d'Ortoli/Delpech FRA followed as 3rd 2 points behind. 10 teams sailing. Winners in the small 49erFX fleet, they started together with the 49ers, were Sarah Steyaert/Julie Bossard FRA ahead of Lili Sebesi/Violette Lemercier FRA. The skiff ranking lists.
Favorites were on top of the RS:X female windsurfers with Eugénie Ricard FRA and with Louis Giard FRA in the RS:X men. With 53 participants, the Raceboard windsurfers were the largest fleet. Sébastien Meignan FRA was the clear winner.
The event website with all ranking lists, the photos and the daily reports (scroll to the bottom of the site).
Monday, October 27, 2014   
The Optimist Junior Gold Cup 2014 ended yesterday with a final race in the Hamilton Harbor, an invitational event for kids from all over the World. Superior winner was Christian Spodsberg DEN with 20 points lead on the 2nd Adam Larson BER. Joao-Emilio Vasconsellos BRA finished 3rd. The best girl Julia Szmit POL is on rank 9. 40 participants from 14 nations.
The ranking list and the final report.
Monday, October 27, 2014   (Image © PWA-John Carter)
Bad, worse, the worsest .... the last three PWA Windsurfing Grand Slams in Klitmöller DEN, Sylt GER and now La Torche FRA all suffered from little to no wind. There was again no racing in the Bretagne yesterday.
Only on one of the 9 days, the wind was sufficient for a competition. The only Single Elimination for the Wave specialists was won by Ricardo Campello VEN, advancing on rank 3 in the overall annual rankings. The final round next week on Hawaii will be crucial for the World's title.
All other details on the PWA website.
Monday, October 27, 2014   
Sun and moderate winds prevailed in Antibes FRA over the past weekend, where an ISAF Grade 3 Matchrace was taking place with Pierre Quiroga FRA as winner on his home waters. The event facebook page.
Monday, October 27, 2014   
Autumn weather with light winds dominated during the past regatta weekend on Swiss lakes. The sailing season is slowly coming to an end, but there is still some activity. The Optimists sailed on Lake Thoune, the Musto-Skiffs on Lake Zoug and the Starboats were moored on Lake Zurich unfortunately without wind. Here as always the information in the Sailing Switzerland section of our website.